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Stop searching the internet far and wide for the perfect weed grinder that is set to your needs. There are so many designs, brands, and types. Two-piece grinders, three-piece grinders, electric grinders; there are so many bud grinders out there. We are making the search a done deal. You may say we are grinding it to a halt. Kief on reading.

CannaClawz is the prime long-lasting and trusted type of metal grinder used by many cannabis aficionados today.

2.5" Diameter

The CannaClaw

The original CannaClaw. Designed for those on the go – those who like to be prepared for anything! Equipped with industry leading patented precision blade technology.

The CannaClaw | CannaClawz

3.5" Diameter

The KingClaw

The KingClaw is our top of the line grinder, designed to handle heavy amounts of flower, while still retaining the precision cutting blade action! Available in multiple colors, the KingClaw is perfect for users seeking quality that is a step above the rest!

The KingClaw | CannaClawz

8" Length

CannaClawz Tray

The CannaClawz tray was designed to keep your product in one central location and to keep your surfaces clean! The sleek and curved design on the edges make it easy to clean, and remove your ground product from the tray!

CannaClawz Tray | CannaClawz

4" Length

Keychain Packer

Always ready to roll with the CannaClawz 4” Keychain Packer. Designed for on the go, this handy packer is the perfect assist to complete your cones, joints, blunts and more. The 4” Keychain Packer can also be used as a self-defense tool, super similar to a Kubaton. Get your packer pack’n and protect your stash.

Keychain Packer | CannaClawz

3" Length


The CannaStik is perfect for users who are always on the go. The modern and compact design makes it easy to slide the CannaStik into a pocket, or purse easily without taking up too much space. Designed with simplicity in mind the CannaStik connects with magnets so “snaps” in half for easy cleaning.

CannaStick One Hitter Pipe

Types of Grinders

Hemp grinders typically come in a range of pieces: two-, three-, and four-piece. CannaClawz sells the world’s highest-grade aluminum grinders in two types, and those are the CannaClaw and the KingClaw. They are both four pieces and have a magnetic lid, interleaved blades, durable screen filter, and the astounding magnetic kief catcher base for a sprinkle of extra joy on each bowl. Both are easy to clean and are frictionless for extra efficiency. The magnetic lid also twists in two directions, depending on your grind preference. Are you more of a left-turn coarse bud person or a right-turn fluffy bud person? Either way, enjoy the ease of the perfect grinder for you.

What Kind Do I Need?

For a portable, smaller, yet highly reliable size, buy the metallic CannacClaw. CannaClaw is 2.5″ in diameter and is available not only in a spectrum of six colors but also in a limited edition airbrushed series. The Olivera Series comes in mesmerizing schemes like resilient Bushido Blue, the vivid Violet Wisp, the shimmering galaxies of Nebula Rising, and the mysterious but verdant Jade Smoke. KingClaw is the large edition at 3.5″ in diameter, yet it offers the standard sleek features as the CannaClaw for a difference of 50 dollars. They are 99.99 and 149.99, respectively.

How Do I Use the CannaClawz grinder?

The grinder is designed for swift use and longevity. Simply pop the magnetic lid off, load your favorite flower into the grinding chamber, then snap the magnetic lid back in place and twist in whichever direction for a vigorous 15 seconds. The interleaved blades and L-vents push every fleck through and catch the kief at the very bottom. That way you don’t miss a single potential puff.

Expand Beyond With Accessories

Match your grinder with the CannaClawz 8″ CannaClawz tray. The CannaClawz tray is metallic, has curved edges for quick disposal, and keeps everything centralized for 29.99.

Finish up the collection with the 4″ Keychain Packer. The Keychain Packer is a sleek and shiny packing tool for the on-the-go pre-roll, blunt, or bowl. Also if you get in danger, it doubles as a self-defense weapon, similar to a Kubaton.

Why Should I Get a CannaClawz Grinder Today?

Of course, no one is forcing you, but if you are deciding on a high-grade weed grinder, Canna Clawz is the only choice. Its durability preserves it for a lifetime, it looks futuristic, and best of all, it ships anywhere in the world. You don’t need to stop into a shop to pick it up. Save your gas! We firmly stand behind CannaClawz products as the best and most spacious in the world for an affordable price. Through the flower and the flames, you should carry on and visit our website for shipping details. CannaClawz is truly grinding against all other competition. Sink your claws into CannaClawz.