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The CannaClaw is perfect for the user who likes to be prepared. The sleek and compact design of the grinder makes it easy to slide it into a pocket, or purse easily without taking up too much space. The standard size CannaClaw shares the same precision blade cutting as the KingClaw, so you won’t have to sacrifice precision for mobility!

State-of-the-art engineering and tensionless grinding for the maximum flower results is what we stand by at Canna Clawz.

If you are a cannabis enthusiast on the go, you need a grinder that is reliable, easy to use, and portable.

With the CannaClaw, you are always prepared. The CannaClaw is our four-piece, durable alloy grinder with a threadless design to make sure you always get the most significant grind possible.

For 99.99, our original 2.5” CannaClaw has an industry-leading four-part system to ensure you always get the best, and it has every feature our KingClaw has, so you don’t sacrifice precision.

Dual Cutting Magnetic Lid- Easy to click open, the US-patented magnetic lid also allows you to select how you want the flower to be ground. Simply twist left for a coarse consistency, or to the right if you want a fluffier, full-bodied flower.

Interleaved Blades- Carry more herb in your grinder than ever before. The interleaved blades are frictionless for a streamlined grind. It is made with engineered L-shaped holes for efficient push through, and a deep cavity for more bud volume.

Durable Screen Filter- With its threadless design to eliminate gunk and easily replaceable screens, you don’t have to sweat over cleanliness. Enjoy sleekness with the click of a finger.

Magnetic Catcher Base- Why only have one magnetic feature? The CannaClaw’s magnetic catcher base has a high-quality finish and an unridged spherical disc base to save all the kief and give your session the upgrade it deserves.

Available in multiple colors and for worldwide shipping, the CannaClaw is truly a class above the rest. Lifetime guarantee!

Additional information

Weight 12.9 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2 in

Black, Red, Green, Purple, Blue, Clear

1 review for The CannaClaw

  1. 420freedom

    Amazing grinder! Just got it and WOW, this thing is sharp af and it cuts coarse one way and fine the other. Siiiick!

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