A Class Above the Rest

Inside the Grinder

The CannaClawz goal is to provide you with the best medical grade aluminum grinders! The CannaClawz grinder is the most functional and spacious grinder on the market. Our interleaved blades shred through anything from spices and herbs, to coffee beans, and nuts creating two levels of coarseness based on the direction turned!

The Canna King expanded piece by piece for visibility through the device and each of its components

Superior Design

Interleaved Blades

Precision cutting with two levels of coarseness

Comfort Grip

The comfortable grip and staggered blades means less force required to shred your flower!


We use medical grade aluminum, and all of our products are proudly made in the USA!

Multiple Sizes

We offer 3 different sizes of grinders to choose from!

Magnetic Lid

Magnetic contact points ensure the grinder is held together as strongly as possible eliminating the need for threads!

Color Customizations

Looking for a personalized grinder? Color customization’s are coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our largest model, The KingClaw, can fit up to 1/8th of an OZ comfortably. This can also depend on the quality of the product within.

We recommend using a small brush (ie; toothbrush) and light amounts of rubbing alcohol.

Yes! No tools are required.

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