When shopping for your first grinder, you may have a lot of questions. How much is a grinder? Why do I need one? And where can I buy a grinder? Keep reading for answers to these burning questions, plus advice on finding the best type of grinder to meet your needs. 

Why Use a Grinder?

Simply put, using a cannabis grinder saves you prep time. But you enjoy a few other key benefits. When you grind your herb, you take stems and seeds out of the bud. Grinders also produce a more evenly ground product. This finely ground bud results in a better experience with your vape, pipe, or bong with its improved surface area. 

How To Choose a Grinder

Once you understand each type of grinder and its advantages, it’s easier to choose your next grinder. Our quick breakdown explains how size and materials factor into your grinding experience.

Size Matters

Common herb grinder sizes include small, medium, and large.  These sizes are defined by diameter: 

Minis and smalls are ideal as travel grinders or for small amounts of herb at each sitting. Medium-sized grinders are still small enough to be portable and let you prep up to two or three grams at once. A large grinder works best at quickly processing a lot of herbs, with some models handling up to seven grams at one time. 


Grinders also come in a wide range of materials: aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, wood, and even gold. Logically, each of these offers its own unique benefits.

Multiple Piece Herb Grinders – Which is Best?

As you browse selections of herb grinders, you’ll probably notice two-, three- and four-piece versions. Price points vary with each type, but you enjoy increasingly more benefits as you move up the scale. Two-pieces are the simplest, while three-piece versions include an internal compartment for storing ground herb.

Four-piece grinders like the CannaClaw take herb grinding to the next level. Both models feature a dual-cutting magnetic lid, precision-cutting interleaved blades, a durable screen filter, and a magnetic catcher base to collect kief as you’re grinding. 


As mentioned earlier, aluminum grinders offer the perfect balance of affordability and durability. Medical-grade aluminum, such as what’s in the CannaClaw and KingClaw, offers an extra bit of durability. Both are budget-friendly options: $99.99 for the CannaClaw and $149.99 for the larger KingClaw. 

Value & Build Quality

We’ve mentioned the CannaClaw’s durability, but let’s talk about its functionality. It allows you to grind in two different directions, depending on whether you want your bud coarse or fluffy. Its blades are also frictionless, offering a smoother grinding experience. With a magnetic lid and base, your grinder stays safely assembled when not in use. 

Which Grinder Is Right for Me? 

Choosing your grinder is a matter of personal preference. But the CannaClaw delivers high-quality grinding plus durability and portability for a reasonable price. It’s a worthy investment you’ll want to make to improve your herb experience. Shop our grinders now or complete our contact form to get your questions answered.

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