The Canna King Duo CannaClawz grinder set

If you are looking to upgrade your grinder, there are a few things you should be looking for when it comes to investing in your herb accessories. Because a grinder is going to be one of your most-used cannabis tools, you are going to want one that is perfectly designed to meet all of your needs. Keep reading to learn about some features that you should look for in your next grinder!

Kief Catcher

Keif is what we call those sticky crystals that coat your cannabis. Also known as dry sift or pollen, kief contains many of the terpenes and cannabinoids that make cannabis so unique. True tokers know that sprinkling a little kief on top of a freshly rolled joint just hits different. With many basic or traditional grinders, you are just grinding the bud and wasting the kief. With Kief Catchers in the CannaClawz grinders, you won’t waste any of this precious plant material.

Easy Clean Screen

Nothing is more annoying than trying to clean a dirty, sticky grinder. Not only do you find yourself banging the grinder on a table to get everything shaken out, but you can also break your grinder that way too. That’s why CannaClawz grinders feature a Durable Screen Filter. These screens make cannabis clean-up a breeze. Our goal was to eliminate the gunk, by incorporating a screen with a threadless design. CannaClawz screens are easily replaceable as well, so when it’s time to change them out it’s quick and convenient.

Magnetic Closures

Don’t get screwed with a screw top. Grinders that feature a non-magnetic closing apparatus are outdated and inconvenient. With Canna Clawz grinders, we have prioritized the use of a magnetic closure. A magnetic closure means easier access to your freshly ground bud, and you won’t be wasting time opening or closing your grinder. This also makes the grinder more lightweight.

Sleek Design

Speaking of lightweight, your new grinder should have a streamlined design. All of CannaClawz grinders are constructed to maximize sleekness and reduce the bulk associated with traditional metal grinders. Whether you opt for the two-piece CannaClawz grinder, the four-piece CannaClawz grinder, or the extra deep KingClaw, you’ll experience our commitment to a compact, lightweight, futuristic design.

Durable Materials

Because you will frequently be grabbing for your grinder, it should be made with strong, durable materials. That’s where the Canna Clawz premium-grade aluminum metal grinders really shine. They are renowned for their sturdiness and will withstand the wear and tear that comes along with regular use. Some metal grinders made of low-grade material run the risk of flaking off into your ground bud. Canna Clawz grinders use only medical-grade aluminum which means that you can rest assured that your grinding experience is safe.

Interleaved Blades

In combination with the dual-cutting magnetic lid, the interleaved blades allow for greater customization and flexibility in the texture of your bud. Some prefer their more coarsely ground, while others prefer finer. Designed for a frictionless, streamlined grind, the interleaved blades can be operated to your liking. Simply twist left for a coarse consistency, or to the right for a finer ground flower. The blades are engineered L-shaped holes allowing the bud to get efficiently pushed through, which means less mess and an easier experience.

Larger Diameter for Higher Volume

When you are ready to level up your grinder, you may want to prioritize volume. That’s why Canna Clawz grinders are designed with deeper cavities so you can grind and hold more bud than ever. With a 2.5 inch design, the original CannaClaw already holds more than your average grinder, but if you are really looking to pack it in, you should check out the KingClaw. At 3.5 inches, this is our largest, deepest model which can fit up to ⅛ th of an ounce comfortably. This obviously can also depend on the quality of the product within.

In the Market for a Premium Grinder? Shop Canna Clawz Today!

For the highest quality grinders on the market shop Canna Clawz. All of our grinders feature the important features we covered in addition to our original CannaClawz design. As a bonus, all of our grinders come in a variety of colors. You can opt for our original CannaClaw or treat yourself to our largest, premium model the KingClaw. Plus, we ship anywhere in the world. Visit our website to shop all of our cannabis accessories and sink your claws into the right CannaClawz grinder for you!