The Canna King expanded piece by piece for visibility through the device and each of its components

When it comes to cannabis, there are a lot of accessories that can enhance your overall experience, but a grinder is the most important tool every bud lover should carry in their bag. Keep reading to learn more about what a grinder is, why metal grinders are the top of the line, and whether a two or four-piece grinder will be right for you.

What is a grinder?

Before we break it down any further, you might be wondering what a grinder is and why it is so important. If you are new to cannabis, a grinder is a tool that you use to “break down” your bud. Basically, you are using a grinder to split up the actual cannabis bud into smaller bits. In doing this, you are getting a finer ground substance that allows for smoother hitting bowls or preps the cannabis to be rolled into joints or blunts.

Benefits of a Metal Grinder

Bud has been around for thousands of years but has risen exponentially in popularity within the past 50 years. This has allowed for the development of new technology that makes grinding your nugs more efficient than ever. Metal grinders are far more durable than their plastic counterparts. Many poorly designed or constructed grinders will break with any kind of misapplied pressure, but CannaClawz metal grinders can withstand the wear and tear associated with frequent use. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of a metal grinder is the ability to add different functional layers.

Adding Layers

CannaClawz grinders are available in two options, either two or four-piece grinders. There are some benefits to keeping it old school with a two-piece grinder, but we find that many people prefer the four-piece. It really comes down to personal preference, but we have put together a few things to consider when you are choosing whether a two or four-piece grinder is right for you.

Keep It Original: Benefits of A Two Piece Grinder

Many who prefer an old-school experience might naturally gravitate towards the two-piece grinder. These grinders are composed of two parts. Every CannaClawz grinder features convenient magnetic closures. In the case of the two-piece grinder, each side will have teeth. These are designed for a distinctly classic, very straightforward, and user-friendly experience. You simply place your bud inside and grind away. The two-piece model falls short for many because it is not as easy to clean, and you may end up wasting a lot of the best parts of the bud, namely the kief. Two-piece grinders will definitely get the job done, but they are pretty basic and lack the additional features that cannabis connoisseurs have come to require.

Experience Advancement with a Four Piece Grinder

Our clients love our four-piece grinders to include additional features like the kief catcher and screen filter, which make grinding your bud easier than ever. Plus, you won’t waste any bud. So, what’s included in CannaClawz four-piece grinder?

  1. Dual Cutting Magnetic Lid: Our US-patented magnetic lids are constructed for ease of opening. They also allow you the flexibility to decide how you would like your flower to be ground. Twist left for a coarse consistency or right for a fluffier, full flower.
  2. Interleaved Blades: Our interleaved blades are designed for a frictionless grind and streamlined experience. They are more compact and engineered with L-shaped holes to deliver efficient push through, which means you can carry more.
  3. Durable Screen Filter: Cannabis cleanup has never been easier than with CannaClawz screen filter. Featuring a threadless design, we have eliminated gunk. The screens are easily replaceable, taking away the mess and the stress.
  4. Magnetic Catcher Base: The CannaClaw has not one but two magnetic features. Our magnetic kief catcher base allows you to get the most bang for your bud. You’ll never waste your precious bud with Canna Clawz’s expertly designed mechanism that captures the excess kief so you can save it for sprinkling on top of your next joint. You will always maximize your bud.

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